Teeklef – Apart

Nigerian/American artist Teeklef releases his newest single and video titled “Apart”. The track seamlessly weaves his love of American hip-hop with the sounds of his Nigerian upbringing.

With an Afrobeat rhythm driving the song and Teeklef’s vocals deftly flowing from his Nigerian dialect to English and back, he makes a statement in a way that is uniquely his own: “Apart” is a love letter to his birthplace and a glimpse at the future of R&B.

The Video was filmed in an underground tunnel in Indianapolis, Teeklef was in search of a fantasy. After getting voodoo blown in his face, he gets a glimpse of that fantasy. With dancers showcasing an underground party scene in an illegal space, the energy and creativity of the HipNavi movement shows itself in surprising places.

Apart brings memories from Teeklef’s birthplace—Lagos, Nigeria—to the Midwest, creating a hybrid space between Hip-Hop and Afro-beat through sound, dance and style.




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